June 5, 2014: Burrowes Demolition Update

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From: Susan Welch
Date: June 5, 2014

Burrowes colleagues and others interested in the Burrowes project:

Below are some photos taken during the last week or so inside and outside Burrowes.  The dark, dingy ones are from the subbasement where workers are taking three foot out of the floor to make the floor-ceiling height larger for the new HVAC and other mechanical equipment that will be installed.

Chris Hort, our facilities manager, reports that the demolition work has been progressing nicely and the site utility work (telecom and electrical ductbank runs) into the building is also on track.  The majority of the mall area will remain fenced off as it is now until this utility work is done.  Once completed, the grass will be replanted and the area cleaned up in prep for start of Fall semester.  The fencing will get pulled back to just the perimeter of Burrowes in early August.

The overall project schedule remains on track.  If you have any project specific questions, please let Chris know (; 863-8328).

With best wishes, Susan

Updates from Chris:

Overall Progress:

  • Core building 3rd and 2nd floor abatement and demolition complete
  • Window removal continues on 3rd floor
  • South Wing 1st floor demolition complete and abatement in progress
  • Core building 1st floor abatement completed and demolition in progress
  • Core building Ground floor abatement in progress
  • Basement excavation continues with shoring steel onsite and being installed prior to foundation modifications
  • HVAC hanger rough-in has begun on the 4th floor South Wing and 3rd Floor Core

Upcoming Work:

  • Abatement and demolition activities will continue working down thru the building and onto the lower floors and then move to the North Wing
  • Knuckle demolition will start on the South Knuckle shortly
  • Foundation modifications will begin in the basement
  • MEP hanger rough-ins will continue
  • Site utility work will continue in the Pattee Mall area
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