July 23, 2015: Burrowes Project Updates

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Burrowes colleagues,

Work is really starting to come together now in Burrowes. Inside, in the south wing  offices have taken shape (see #5 photo), with nice offset colors on the walls and carpets being laid.  The inside workers are moving to the core with the north wing last.

On the outside, I'm enjoying watching the north knuckle getting built. I have also been impressed with the difference the installation of the large mall-facing windows has made in the exterior appearance of both wings (photo #2).  

Of course, infrastructure work continues to progress (photo #3)

Please make sure you return your form about desk and storage options unless you want the default.

Thanks.  Susan

Here's Chris Hort's report:  

All steel work on the south knuckle has been completed and the concrete floor pouring is in process (photo #1).  The north knuckle (photo #4) continues to closely follow the south as both knuckles are prepared for installation of the elevators next month. The glazing (e.g. window installation) has been installed on both the north and south wings which will provide a lot of natural light into these corridors.  Once all stairs, steel erection, and concrete pours have been completed in both knuckles glazing will follow in these areas resulting in a full glass façade on both sides of the knuckles.  This will be an impressive feature of the building and be very notable when viewed from the mall area especially.  The overall project schedule remains on track for a December completion.
As many of you are aware, there was a serious accident on the project site last month involving one of the steel erectors that resulted in a fatality.  For anyone interested in making a contribution, a Memorial Fund has been established.  The name of the memorial fund is The Jerod B. Chapman Fund at First National Bank inUniontown, PA 724-438-4455.  
If you have any project specific questions, please let me know.  Thanks.  Chris
Overall Progress:
  • South Knuckle steel erected
  • North and South Wing glazing installed
  • Painters finishing 4th floor North Wing
  • Erecting North Knuckle steel
  • Finishing drywall 1st floor Core and ground North Wing
  • Finishing water lines to South Core
  • Piping and equipment setting in Core basement to continue

Upcoming Work:
  • Scaffolding at Core to be torn down
  • Decking to begin North Knuckle
  • Floors to be poured South Knuckle
  • North Wing north side drainage work to start
  • Stairs to begin North Knuckle
  • Switchgear to be energized
South Knuckle
South Knuckle

South Wing - glazing installed
South Wing - glazing installed

Site - water pipes being set
Site - water pipes being set

North Knuckle
North Knuckle

South Wing - carpet installation
South Wing - carpet installation
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