July 15: Swing Space Identified

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To:  Colleagues Interested in the Burrowes Project
From:  Susan


Those with offices in Burrowes will be relocating for the duration of the construction. Those with Burrowes offices will move in late calendar 2013 or very early in 2014. The department heads and administrative staff for the English Department and the School of Languages and Literatures will be located in Ritenour along with the financial staff serving Burrowes and the academic advisors serving our language and literature and English majors. 

With just a few exceptions, faculty and graduate students will be located in several downtown areas. The Department of English will occupy space in the Verizon Building on 224 S. Allen Street and the nearby Allenway building, 315 S. Allen. 

The departments in the School of Languages and Literatures will be occupying space in the Allenway and two nearby buildings: Marion Place (135 E. Nittany Avenue--between Allen and Pugh) and 112 W.Foster (at Allen and Foster). 

Though Cozy Thai fans will be well situated, I know the move will be a hassle, the space will not be as much as you need, and the new locations will disrupt normal operations until you get acclimated. Then it will be time to move back. But there is no way to avoid this. I think the end result of a more functional and up to date Burrowes will be worth it. 

AA'S, heads, and School director will be working with those located in Burrowes to identify where each person will go during the construction. Details and tours will be available during the fall semester. Later, each faculty, staff, and student will be notified of specific moving times. Occupants will need to pack their own belongings, but the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) will carry out the actual move. 

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