July 1, 2014: Burrowes Project Update

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From: Susan Welch
Date: July 1, 2014


More destruction in Burrowes, and we expect to see the north knuckle coming down soon with work on the south knuckle to then begin.

Chris Hort provided the following report (and see the attached photos that show the different stages of demolition and cleanup on the different floors.)

With regards, Susan


From Chris:

The project schedule is being met.  Work on the Pattee Mall area is in full swing.  This area will be cleaned up around August 1st in preparation for start of fall semester, and the site fencing on the Sparks side of the Mall will get shifted back toward Burrowes, opening most of the Mall again.


Overall Progress:

  • Window removal throughout building continues
  • Core Building ground floor abatement complete and demolition continues
  • Core building stair demolition complete
  • North knuckle demolition in progress
  • Basement foundation modifications in progress
  • Site Utility work continues with telecom work to be completed over next couple weeks

Upcoming Work:

  • Abatement starting on upper North Wing floors and demolition will continue on lower North Wing floors
  • Knuckle machine demolition starting on both knuckles
  • Foundation modifications will continue in basement
  • Site utility work will start in the Pattee Mall area


North Wing, 4th Floor

Core Building, Ground Floor 



North Wing, 1st Floor

South Areaway

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