April 8, 2015: Burrowes project update --

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To:  Interested Burrowes project faculty

The report below comes from Chris Hort.  We can expect to see steel going up within a couple of weeks for the construction of the South Knuckle.  As you can see from photos 1, 3, and 4,  substantial work has been done on the foundation of that knuckle. A good deal of interior work has been done on the core and the wings as noted below (see photos 2 and 5).

We are still on schedule for an end of the calendar year return!

Best, Susan

The exterior work surrounding the north and south knuckles continues as concrete pours are in process for the elevator shafts in these areas.  Once the concrete work is completed, the south knuckle steel will arrive around April 15 and the steel work starts there and then moves to the north knuckle next.  All temporary heating has been removed from the building and painting on the upper floors is about completed.  Drywalling is in process on the lower floors and they continue to work from the top to bottom throughout the building.  The steel floor in the mechanical room has been installed and data cabling has been pulled on the upper floors of the south wing.  The overall project schedule remains on track and the most noticeable upcoming event will be the erection of the steel around the knuckle areas that will be begin later this month.
If you have any project specific questions, please let me know.  Thanks.  Chris
Overall Progress:
  • South Knuckle basement waterproofed
  • North Core shoring steel removed
  • Painters completed painting on upper floors of wings
  • Temporary heating removed
  • Drywall completed on upper floors, lower floors in process
  • Piping in Core basement in process
  • Duct work on Core ground floor in process

Upcoming Work:

  • Excavate North Knuckle area, form and pour elevator pit
  • South Knuckle to be backfilled and concrete work  to be completed
  • South Knuckle steel to arrive around April 15
  • Flooring to start in bathrooms on upper floors
  • Ceiling grid installation to start on upper floors
#1 = South Knuckle

1-South Knuckle 

April 2
2- Core - 2nd floor door frames

April 3
 3-South Knuckle

April 4
4-South Knuckle - elevator shaft basement level

April 5
5-Core - 1st floor South Duct Work
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