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The architectural work for the project will be done by the firm of BLT Architects (BLTa) with offices in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. They have considerable experiences in renovating buildings with historic significance, and most recently renovated Borland Lab into a fine new home for several Arts and Architecture units. BLTa also designed the Smeal College of Business building and the Life Sciences and Chemistry buildings that straddle Shortlidge Road along with the Mall that leads to the building.

This project has a significant engineering component. The lead engineering firm, Vanderweil, also has Penn State experience. Headquartered in Boston, Vanderweil provided the engineering work on Borland and is currently doing the engineering work for the renovations and expansion of the HUB. Past work includes projects at Yale, Princeton, and Penn among others.

BLT Architects

Michael L. Prifti, FAIA - Principal-In-Charge

Mr. Prifti will lead the project team as Principal in Charge as he has for all projects for The Pennsylvania State University. In this role I will oversee both the details of the contract arrangements with the University and make sure that the overall team is providing the high level of service for which BLTa prides itself. I will maintain close observation and leadership of the programming, design and documentation that will emerge. I will attend the early design meetings to facilitate the discussion and understandings among all of the parties, and see the work through completed design and completed construction, devoting 10-20% of my time to this project, depending on phase.

Nicole M. Dress, AIA, LEED AP - Project Manager

Ms. Dress will provide the day-to-day leadership of the design team within BLTa and with the overall consultant team of engineers and specialists. She will coordinate the efforts of each firm, working with the managers of each discipline, to set deadlines and establish deliverables for each phase and portion of the work. Dress' architectural focus will be on the holistic approach to the building to enhance its performance and its longevity. She will attend all of the project design meetings with Penn State, selected construction phase meetings, and will dedicate 40% of her time to this project.

Kyle A. Kernozek, AIA, LEED AP - Project Architect

Mr. Kernozek has been the key architect at BLTa for several successful projects at Penn State, including the Borland Building and the Ritenour Building, both renovations, and the School of Forest Resources and the Worthington, Scranton, Business School, both new buildings. Mr. Kernozek has worked closely with the staff at OPP to develop the plans and details for these projects, and as a regular presence on the job sites during all phases of construction, a role which he will continue for the Burrowes Building. He will work daily with the engineers and consultants to coordinate efforts, organize the building systems and provide clear and complete bidding documents. He will dedicate 80% of his time to this project, will attend all construction meetings, perform site visits and prepare punch lists.

Sharadan Chick

Vanderweil - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering, Fire Protection & IT/AV

Jeffrey Polo, PE, LEED AP BD+C - Principal-In-Charge

The Principal-In-Charge will have overall project responsibility and will provide the technical direction for the project. Jeff has successfully directed numerous projects in this role at Penn State University including the LEED-NC Gold certified Borland Labs Renovation project. He is the direct link between the design team for this project and the management of Vanderweil. He will direct the overall analysis and be involved with the developing strategies for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. He will participate in milestone review meetings and other meetings where major decisions are to be made. He will devote 10% of his time to this project.

James T. Miller, PE, LEED AP - Project Manager/Lead Mechanical Engineer

The Project Manager will have the day-to-day responsibility of overall project management, coordination and interface with the Client and Owner. In his dual role as the Lead Mechanical Engineer, he is also responsible for the development of mechanical systems concepts, mechanical engineering and design, and engineering quality control. Jim has executed many similar infrastructure replacement projects similar to the Burrowes project, and has performed technical oversight on Vanderweil's past Penn State project work. He will devote 60% of his time to this project.

Frank Albanese III, PE, RCDD, LEED AP - Lead Electrical Engineer

The Lead Electrical Engineer will be responsible for electrical system design, teledata coordination, lighting, electrical site utilities, emergency power, fire alarm, security, special communications, sustainable electrical design and implementation of any renewable electrical energy sources. Frank has an excellent working relationship with the Penn State Physical Plant electrical engineers and a thorough understanding of the issues, systems, and standards for electrical systems at the University. He will interface with lighting and low-voltage specialty consultants to insure an integrated project design. He will devote 40% of his time to this project.

Marlon White - Lead Plumbing Engineer/Fire Protection Engineer

The Lead Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer will be responsible for the design and documentation of fire protection sprinkler and plumbing systems. On this project, his main focus will be the sprinkler system design and the coordination effort of the new fire water service into the building, coordinating with the University as well as a Site/Civil Engineer. He will work with the Architect and Owner to select low-water consumption plumbing fixtures for the anticipated expansion or modification of the toilet rooms to accommodate accessibility requirements. He will devote 25% of his time to this project.

Michael Kerwin - Technology Infrastructure Engineer

The Technology Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for the programming and basis of design for the technology infrastructure, structured cabling, specialty systems interface cabling, and audiovisual portions of the project. He will also oversee the document productions and quality control portions of the project. He will coordinate the low voltage systems with the door hardware consultant, security vendor and Electrical Engineer on the project. He will devote 15% of his time to this project.

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