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October 2021: GADI is pleased to announce our call for Graduate Student-Led Diversity & Inclusion Proposals!


Call for Graduate Student Proposals on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The Graduate Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (GADI) and BRIDGE Diversity Alliance have collaborated on a project to provide funding to support College of the Liberal Arts graduate student initiatives aimed at improving the recruitment, retention, and leadership training of graduate students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. These initiatives should address a need that the College cannot address without the voice of graduate students. This program provides an opportunity to directly involve current graduate students in the creation, development, and execution of programs dedicated to their own recruitment, retention, and leadership development.

Funds will be awarded to graduate student proposals on an annual basis, with a maximum of one large award ($1,000 max) and three to five small awards ($500 max for each) each year. Funding should support direct costs associated with the proposal (e.g., workshop materials or an honorarium for a speaker). The larger award will be given to proposals that prioritize cross- departmental proposals to encourage collaboration across departments.

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of graduate students from GADI and the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. After proposals are selected to receive funding, GADI will coordinate with the recipients to provide support with logistics and program implementation. GADI and/or the Associate Dean will also partner with the proposer to discuss efficient implementation or, if applicable, integration with ongoing programs.

Due date: Friday, November 19th,2021 by 11:59pm ET to . Please attach the proposal as a Word document and include “Graduate Student D&I Initiative Proposal” in the subject line.



  • Applicants must be graduate students within the College of Liberal Arts at the time of submitting the funding application and expenditure of the funds;
  • Proposals must focus on the recruitment, retention, and/or leadership development of historically underrepresented groups, or those interested in issues of diversity and inclusion;
  • Proposal applications may be completed by individual graduate students or groups of graduate students.


Proposals should include:

  • The name(s) and department(s)/program(s) of all project team members;
  • A summary of the proposed project and what graduate student needs would be
  • addressed by the proposal (500-1000 words);
  • A proposed timeline of implementation, if selected;
  • A list of any Penn State offices/departments that might co-sponsor the program;
  • An itemized budget proposal


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D. Scott Bennett

D. Scott Bennett

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Distinguished Professor of Political Science

105 Sparks Building
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