2016 Office Olympics

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The 2016 Office Olympics was record-breaking: we raised $16,539.13 for Centre County United Way!

Congratulations to our Top Fundraising Teams:

First Place: $7,050
Defending Champions Moore United (Psychology Department)

Second Place: $2,553.82
Peanuts Gallery (Alumni Relations and Development)

Third Place: $2,050
Standard Deviants (Sociology & Criminology)

The Medals

Recycling Shot Put HR Heroes
Expendable Characters
Weaver Warriors
Obstacle Course Advising All-Stars Sparks Stooges Peanuts Gallery
Enhanced Water Relay Expendable Characters Advising All-Stars Silver Dollars
Rubber Band Snap Expendable Characters Weaver Warriors Sparks Stooges
Dry Erase Darts
PoliSci Party Animals Silver Dollars Peanuts Gallery
Mind Games Icy Peas Unreliable Narrators Expendable Characters

The Teams

Team Name


Team Captain

Advising All-Stars


The Peanuts Gallery

Alumni Relations and Development

Triple Threat

Communication Arts and Sciences,
Philosophy, Applied Linguistics

The Dean's List

Deans Office

The Unreliable Narrators


The Expendable Characters


Outreach Outlaws

Filipelli Institute

Icy Peas


Sparks Rangers


Sparks Stooges


PoliSci Party Animals

Political Science

Moore United


Silver Dollars

Research and Graduate Studies Office

HR Heroes

School of Labor and Employment Relations

Standard Deviants

Sociology & Criminology

Weaver Warriors

Weaver Support

The Games

  • plus two new games!

Registration (now closed)

  • Teams will consist of five people and you can have one alternate. 
  • Staff, faculty, and students are more than welcome to participate.
  • You can officially register by emailing Trisha Everhart (pxm205@psu.edu), listing your team name, area represented, captain, and team members before Friday, June 17. Don't worry if you don’t have all team members confirmed by June 17 as you can simply sign up your team and juggle the members as necessary up until event day.
  • $50 registration fee is required per team, due by Friday, June 17.
  • If you only have one or two people interested, please let us know and we can look to pair you up with other people.
  • If you are in a large area, and a lot of people are interested, you are more than welcome to field two teams.


This event is a great opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition with your colleagues in the College of the Liberal Arts. It also serves as the biggest fundraising event we do throughout the year. We encourage each team to raise as much as possible leading up to the day of the event.  A trophy will be presented to the team with the highest total. You can start fundraising immediately! Please turn in your cash or checks made payable to Liberal Arts United Way, with your team name on the envelope, to either Trisha Everhart (506 Keller) or Sherri Bumbarger (138 Sparks) by the start of the event.


We will have some old favorites, and some new games to keep the competition interesting!


We need you! If you are not interested in being part of a team but want to be involved, we would love your help! Please email Trisha Everhart (pxm205@psu.edu) to volunteer.

Previous Office Olympics

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