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Green Teams

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Green Teams in the College of the Liberal Arts

Green Leaves on a branchGreen Teams are groups of faculty, staff, and students volunteering to take specific actions to help their organization (college, department, building, etc.) operate in a more efficient, innovative, and healthy way. Typically, Green Teams focus on making their operations more sustainable through the easy to follow Green Paws Program and other initiatives unique to their departments. Currently, University Park has 87 Green Teams, with 21 of them at the Commonwealth Campuses, operating in various departments.

The goal is for each building level green team to work towards

  • Achieving zero waste
  • Increasing sustainability practices within their units/departments
  • Increasing positive attitudes and beliefs about sustainable practices

The Liberal Arts Steering committee will:

  • help provide communications to and among green teams,
  • monitor progress toward sustainability goals in the CLA
  • serve as the liaison between green teams and the College administration.

Forming a Green Team

You can learn about how to form a green team and find training and resources information by going to the Sustainability institutes Green Teams web page:


Join a Liberal Arts Green Team!

Below is a progress report for the formation of green teams in the CLA.  Find your building and contact a green team leader to determine how you can help or, if your building does not have a green team yet, contact your administrative assistant or department head to talk about starting a team in your building.

Brumbaugh Hall 

Burrowes Building 

Carpenter Building 

Kern Building 

Keller Building 

Moore Building

Oswald Tower

Pond Building 

Sparks Building 

Weaver Building 

Willard Building 

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