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Earth Week Event 2017

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Mini talks by your colleagues include:

"Talking about climate change." 

Nathan Geiger
PhD student in Social Psychology at Penn State University

Nathan graduated from Texas Tech University in 2010 with a dual degree in Psychology and Biology. Before beginning his graduate school program at Penn State in 2012, he was a science teacher in Rangsit, Thailand. Currently, he studies engagement with climate change and social psychological factors that lead individuals to take action versus remain disengaged on the topic. His work on discussion on climate change is published has been published in several journals including Science Communication and the Journal of Environmental Psychology, and has been featured in popular outlets including the Washington Post and the Centre Daily-Times. His personal website is: 

“Making Sustainable Food Choices" 

Bryan McDonald
Sherwin Early Career Professor in the Rock Ethics Institute and Assistant Professor of History at Penn State University

Bryan McDonald is Sherwin Early Career Professor in the Rock Ethics Institute and Assistant Professor of History at Penn State University. His research focuses on the intersection of environment and security around food in American history since the end of World War II. He is the author of Food Security (Polity Press, 2010) and the co-editor of two books that examine challenges to human security: Global Environmental Change and Human Security (MIT Press, 2009) and Landmines and Human Security: International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy (SUNY Press, 2004). His most recent book, Food Power: The Rise and Fall of the Postwar American Food System (Oxford University Press, 2017), explores how food was deployed in the first decades of the Cold War to promote American national security and national interests. More information about Bryan is on his website:

“The High Five to Reduce Waste” 

Lydia Vandenbergh
Associate Director of Employee Engagement and Education, Penn State Sustainability Institute 

Lydia Vandenbergh's mission for the Sustainability Institute is to engage employees in weaving sustainability into all of their decisions and practices. The present approach is through two programs. The Green Teams program supports faculty and staff who volunteer to find new positive ways to make their operations and programs forge a better future for our customers and the University. The second program, Green Paws, is a green office certification program, a tool that anyone at the University can use to learn resource efficient office practices. For the over one hundred Penn State Green Teams, Lydia and her interns create monthly informative newsletters, organize fun learning sessions, and other resources to make it easy for them to build leadership capability and engage others. Lydia earned her MA in Energy and Environmental Policy from George Washington University and a BA in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Learn more at:

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