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Paterno Fellows
  • Eve Ensler at Penn State On Apr 08, 2016 by Shannon Rafferty This year I had the opportunity to organize Sexual Violence Awareness Week here at University Park. This week is an annual effort to raise awareness of the issue of sexual violence and misconduct and educate students on how we can all work together to prevent sexual violence. I was able to bring […]

The Paterno Fellows Program (PFP) is an innovative program offered jointly by the College of the Liberal Arts and the Schreyer Honors College (SHC) that encourages students to challenge themselves academically. The Paterno Fellows experience offers "an education for leadership" in the best tradition of the liberal arts. It molds well-rounded students who are ready for the world and prepares them for citizenship, for lifetime learning, and for the satisfaction derived from an exemplary education.

Students aspiring to become Fellows are challenged to perform to their full potential and offered the support they need to achieve their academic goals. Paterno Fellows distinguish themselves in areas traditionally associated with the liberal arts: ethics, service, and leadership; excellence in communication; and international and intercultural awareness. Students aspiring to the PFP have two years to become Fellows and Schreyer Scholars by meeting specific requirements that are outlined in the Student Handbook. Other students choose to become Paterno Fellows after they have been admitted to the SHC.

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