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The Liberal Arts Edge

As an undergraduate in the College of the Liberal Arts, you have access to a world-class education in the core values of the liberal arts, to enriching out-of-class experiences, and to a Penn State family invested in your success. We call this unique combination of opportunities the Liberal Arts Edge. But to achieve all of the benefits, you have to put in the work. You've found a good place to start, but know that your student experience will be richer when you step away from the computer and engage with our liberal arts community. So consider the information before you as a starting point, and as you browse the site take note of how you can put what you are learning into action—whether that means joining a student organization, meeting with an academic or career adviser, or applying for funding to support your studies, your internship, or your experience abroad.

The Liberal Arts Honor Code:

"I pledge to conduct myself with honor and integrity in all academic, personal, and professional pursuits. I will be responsible for the academic integrity of my work and encourage my peers to do the same. I will carry these values with me as I graduate from this college."

Take Action:

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Meet with a career, internship, or study abroad adviser

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The liberal arts teaches us to see the world from varied perspectives, to respond to it in informed and ethical ways, and to lead people in virtually every field of work and human endeavor. It is an educational approach as old as the academy itself, and in today’s world—where the only thing constant is change — your training in the liberal arts tradition will make you sought after for your ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate artfully, and to motivate and inspire those around you.
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In the 21st century, a world-class education cannot be limited to the classroom. In the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State, we encourage every student to participate in study abroad, research, and internship experiences, and we offer guidance and financial support to make those experiences possible. Whether you want to lead a non-profit organization, become a titan of industry, or continue your education in graduate school, these experiences will help you refine your goals, and give you a competitive edge over your peers.
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We all know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And, at Penn State, we know a lot of people. As a student, you can join student organizations to connect with your peers. And our dues-paying alumni network is the largest on Earth, and the loyalty Penn Staters feel for one another is unmatched in higher education. For you, this means that thousands of alumni give of their time to make your Penn State experience the best it can be, and when you leave you’ll have tens of thousand of people ready to open doors of opportunity for you.
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Join the LAUC, the student government of the College of the Liberal Arts – Liberal Arts students are always welcome. WE ARE both serious and silly, functional and friendly!

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