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Program Director

Catherine Wanner

Professor of History, Anthropology, and Religious Studies
Barry Director of the Paterno Fellows Program

Drop-in hours for Paterno Fellows:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00 a.m.-noon
302 Weaver Building 

Faculty Advisory Board

Donna Bahry

    Professor of Political Science

Michael Berkman

    Professor of Political Science

Rich Carlson

      Professor of Psychology

Russell Chuderewicz

    Senior Lecturer in Economics

Greg Eghigian

    Associate Professor of Modern History

Charlotte Eubanks

    Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Japanese, and Asian Studies

Roger Finke

    Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies

Cheryl Glenn

    Liberal Arts Research Professor of English and Women’s Studies

Barrett Lee

    Professor of Sociology and Demography

Christopher Reed

    Professor of English and Visual Culture

Stephanie Shields

          Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies

Student Advisory Board  (* indicates PFP Coach)

  • Odgerel Bat-Yeruult, '18
  • Emma Behr, '18 *
  • Brendan Bernicker, '19 *
  • Ben Black, '18 *
  • Anthony Colucci, '20
  • Erin Flannery, '20
  • Alice Greider, '18 *
  • Ciara Henschke, '19
  • Bradley Morabito, '18
  • Finn Nixdorf, '20
  • Danielle Ruffe, '18 *
  • Jack Shean, '19 *
  • Anelia Slavoff, '20 *
  • Cory Steinle, '20 *
  • Evan Toomey, '20 *
  • Daniel Zahn, '20 *

Programming Grants Committee

  • Anthony Colucci, '20
  • Erin Flannery, '20
  • Sarah Vlazny, '18

Office Staff

Barb Edwards

    Assistant to the Director

Where are they now?

Paterno Fellows Alumni News Updates

Profiles of Liberal Arts majors participating in a variety of enrichment experiences, such as internships, education abroad programs, for undergraduate research.

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