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The StrengthsFinder® assessment can assist you with discovering and understanding your strengths and talents. Completing the assessment will provide you with a list of your “top five” signature themes, which can help you enhance the behaviors that lead to success. You will be able to focus on your strengths and understand how they can translate into a career or post-graduate education plan. This assessment is only available through our office to current undergraduate students with at least one major in the College of the Liberal Arts. If you are not a student in the College of the Liberal Arts, we encourage you to contact your college and/or Career Services for information about assessment tools available to you. Please do not share your code with another student; this tool is paid for by Liberal Arts alumni and should only be used by Liberal Arts students.

Completing StrengthsFinder® can help you:

  • Recognize talents and shape them into strengths
  • Identify skills that will help with your future career
  • Assist with exploring careers that match your strengths
  • Offer guidance about how to build your strengths and talents
  • Provide interview preparation tips

To complete StrengthsFinder®:

  1. Complete the StrengthsFinder® Access Code Request Form . Please allow three business days to receive your code.
  2. After receiving your access code, go to
  3. On the upper-right hand corner of the main page, click "Register."
  4. On the Registration tab, type your access code and the verification code (that appears on the page) in the corresponding fields. Then click "Continue with Registration"

    NOTE: The verification code is not case-sensitive. (If you need help signing in, call the StrengthsQuest Help Desk at 1-888-211-4049 or e-mail .).

  5. Complete all of the fields on the “StrengthsQuest® Registration” page and click "Continue."
  6. Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder®: Allow 45 minutes. If you lose your connection, sign in with your username and password; you will automatically be returned to where you left off. You have 20 seconds to respond to each item. Once you’ve completed the Clifton StrengthsFinder®, you will have access to your reports and additional resources in your account.

After you receive your Signature Theme Report, we encourage you to:

1. Read through your Signature Theme Report.

  • Read the theme descriptions for each of your Top 5 signature themes.
  • Read the Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide.
  • Review the Student Action Items (under the Apply flag). Focus on the General Academic Life, Study Techniques, Extracurricular Activities, and Career items.

2. Schedule an appointment with a Career Enrichment Network staff member to review your Signature Theme Report.

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