Get answers to questions about the program

Who can apply to the program?

The Alumni Mentor Program is open to Liberal Arts students. If you are a new student on campus and would like information about mentoring, visit us in the Career Enrichment Network (101 Sparks Building). We can provide resources to help you make connections until you are eligible to apply to the program.

Can I choose my mentor?

No. The Career Enrichment Network and Alumni Relations office will work together to match students with mentors who have similar goals and interests. Students will be matched with their mentors based on career interest, geographical location, and other factors.

I am going to be really busy this semester. What is required of me as a mentee?

We require that students and mentors speak via phone, email, and/or Skype at least once a month. Beyond that, you and your mentor will agree on a relationship and communication plan that works best for both of you. Thinking of your mentor relationship as a complement to your classes and other activities will help you set aside time to devote to it. However, if you feel you may not be able to make a commitment, think about utilizing other resources until a semester where you will have more time to devote to your mentor relationship.

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