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Every Liberal Arts student should complete at least one internship during the course of their academic career. If you want to combine an internship and a global experience, then consider an international internship. There are a range of options available to help you with your search.

Penn State now subscribes to a website, Going Global, that contains over 80,000 resources for finding international employment here in the U.S. and abroad. Take advantage of this resource to learn about a variety of international opportunities.

You also may want to combine an internship with a Penn State-approved education abroad program. Not all study abroad programs offer this option, but there are quite a few that do. To search for programs that provide an internship, use the Education Abroad office's Advanced Program Search feature and select "internship available."

For example, the AESOP programs in Kenya and Senegal focus on international development and include a required internship component. These programs are run by the University of Minnesota but approved by Penn State and open to LA students.

Look on Network Symplicity for international internships.

The Career Enrichment Network has partnered with IES to promote select IES summer international internships. You can find their postings via your Network Symplicity account and through Penn State’s Education Abroad pro­gram listings.  You also may find other international internship opportunities on Network Symplicity, so check postings often or create a search agent to receive email notifications about new opportunities.

Target organizations that have international sites.

If you’re thinking about an international career, then start educating yourself about organizations’ overseas operations and possible internship opportunities. Past Liberal Arts students have applied to overseas positions in the State Department internship program and have targeted companies like Volvo that offer international internship opportunities.

International Organization Careers is a website where you can access a list of international organizations to explore potential internship opportunities. 

Securing an international internship requires a high level of commitment, flexibility, and planning. It’s never too early to start thinking about and researching possible options, since international experiences typically require applications far in advance.

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