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Familiarize yourself with other sources available to fund your enrichment experience

Liberal Arts students may apply for Liberal Arts enrichment funds to support their participation in:

When you submit a Liberal Arts enrichment funds application, the application information will be shared with your academic department, in the event they have department-based resources to support your experience.

In addition to College-level resources, you're strongly encouraged to apply for University-level support for your enrichment experiences.

Education Abroad/International Experiences:

Global Programs offers grants and scholarships, some need-based and some merit-based. There also is some financial support for participation in specific programs, especially in non-traditional study abroad locations.

Schreyer Travel Ambassador Grant to support study abroad and international experiences.

Liberal Arts majors participating in the summer Tel Akko Total Archaeology Field School Program are encouraged to apply for the Tel Akko Enrichment Fund through the College's online enrichment funds application system.


The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program
Liberal Arts majors participating in an internship experience are encouraged to apply for The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program. Undergraduate students selected will receive a $5,000 award to support their internship experience. Eligibility requirements and application instructions for The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program can be found on our website.

Schreyer Honors College Grants
Schreyer Summer Internship Grants support honors students participating in internship experiences.

Undergraduate Research

Liberal Arts students seeking enrichment funding to support their research should visit the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Support website. Information about Conference Travel Requests, Discovery Grants, and other resources available to support research experiences is also available on the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Support website.

Fellowship Opportunities

There are fellowships and scholarships that offer funding for international practical training, or study abroad. Visit our website for a list of important resources to search for fellowship opportunities that might be the right fit for you.


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