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Apply for funding from the College to participate in a study abroad, internship, or research experience

An important goal of the College of the Liberal Arts is to involve undergraduates in appropriate enrichment activities. Accordingly, the College, as well as a variety of Academic Departments, has modest funds available to assist students participating in activities such as internships, education abroad, or undergraduate research. Liberal Arts majors seeking financial support for such enrichment activities are encouraged to read the information on this site and apply to the Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds Application System (the link to the online application system can be found in the Application Requirements section below).

Important Information for Applicants

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Full Consideration Given to Applications Received By:

September 1 (Fall Semester); December 1 (Spring Semester); May 1 (Summer Semester) 

Note: Final summer deadline is June 1. Applications will not be accepted after June 1 for the summer semester.

Applications submitted after these deadlines will be considered on a funds-available basis, so it is to your advantage that you submit your application before the priority deadlines. Research applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Priority Enrichment Experiences International internships and semester or year-long Penn State study abroad programs in non-English language contexts  Funding will no longer be provided for short-term volunteer experiences, such as Global Brigades.
Browser  Use a browser other than Chrome when submitting your application. Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email to your PSU account.
To be eligible for enrichment funds, students: 

    *must have at least one declared major in the College of the Liberal Arts;
    *cannot have graduated before the semester in which the experience is taking place; and
    *must be accepted into the program for which seeking funds

    Liberal Arts majors are NOT required to have demonstrated financial need as determined by FAFSA (although this information is taken into consideration during the application review process).

    Review the FAQs  ALL applicants and award recipients should read the FAQs section of our website in which we provide detailed answers to commonly asked questions. 

    Because the summer semester is often unique compared to the fall and spring, we have developed some important summer FAQs all applicants and award recipients need to know.
    Questions include:
    When will my enrichment award be disbursed?
    How will I receive my enrichment award?
    How can I confirm that my application was received?
    How much funding should I request/will I receive?

    Application Requirements

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    Reminder: Do not use Chrome to submit your application!

    Complete the online form

    Complete the online form which will ask you to fill out some basic information about you and your enrichment experience. Review the correctness and completeness of the information the system automatically retrieves about you from Penn State databases.

    Complete and Upload the following documentation


    Provide short answers to the questions included in statement template most applicable to your enrichment experience:

    List of Expenses

    Fill out one of the expense summary sheets below. In most cases, we are unable to provide the full cost of an enrichment experience. Award amounts vary, but they typically range from $100-$2,500. Please follow the instructions in the expense summaries carefully and think critically about the amount of funding you are requesting.

    Acceptance Letter

    Provide a copy of your acceptance letter into the program if you are participating in an internship or global experience, or a faculty letter of endorsement if you are undertaking a research project.


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    Because the summer semester is often unique compared to the fall and spring, we have developed some additional important summer FAQs all applicants and award recipients need to know.

    When will my enrichment award be disbursed?

    Your enrichment award will be deposited into your student bursar’s account the semester during which you participate in the experiential learning experience. If you have holds on your account or any outstanding registration issues, or if your bill has not been paid, this will prevent your award from disbursing. Contact Penn State’s Office of the Bursar to check on any registration issues you may have.

    Summer semester enrichment award recipients should be aware that their course schedule may impact the timing of the disbursement of their award as follows:

    • If you are not registered for credit during the summer, your award will be disbursed during the first summer session.
    • If you are registered for academic credit during the summer, your award will be disbursed on the date that your last class begins or by June 30 (unless your award is posted after this date).
    • If you are registering part-time during the summer, please be sure to indicate that you plan to enroll for fewer than 12 credits when you schedule your courses.

    These rules apply even if the academic credit for which you are registered is unrelated to your enrichment experience. Make sure to reference Penn State’s Academic Calendar for accurate dates of the semester sessions. Please note also that the submission of a thank you letter may impact the timing of your award.

    How will I receive my enrichment award?

    Your enrichment award will be disbursed according to your Bursar Account settings, so make sure your account is set up properly in advance. When you log in to LionPath, you will be able to choose whether you would like to enroll in “eRefund” or if you would prefer to have your refund mailed to your permanent residence address. Most students choose to enroll in eRefund program so that the funds are directly deposited into their bank accounts. Any questions you have about your Bursar Account or the disbursement of your award should be directed to the Penn State’s Office of the Bursar. Please note that any disbursements into your bursar account will first be applied to any outstanding balance on your account. You will receive a refund for any remaining credit according to the refund option that you selected on LionPath.

    Do I have to be registered for academic credit to receive enrichment funding?

    No, Liberal Arts majors do not have to be registered for academic credit to receive enrichment funding. For instance, a student taking a leave of absence for the spring semester to participate in a full-time internship or co-op program may request enrichment funding. Additionally, students participating in a significant undergraduate research project over the summer may apply for funding. 

    However, applicants must still be considered undergraduate students at Penn State University in the College of the Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts majors who have graduated prior to their enrichment activity may not apply for enrichment funds. Depending on the nature of your enrichment experience, the Liberal Arts Enrichment Committee may not approve your application for funding.

    How much funding should I request?

    The amount of funding you request depends on the nature of your enrichment experience. In most cases, the College of the Liberal Arts does not have the funding available to support the entire cost of students’ enrichment experiences. For instance, students participating in semester long education abroad programs should not request the total budget included in the budget sheets provided by Global Programs (total budgets on these sheets range from $8,000 - $30,000). Instead, think critically about the funds you will need to make this experience more affordable for you. You might focus instead on the cost of airfare or textbooks. A reasonable amount to request in your application can range from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

    Please follow the instructions in the expense summaries required in the application and think critically about the amount of funding you are requesting.

    How much funding will I receive?

    You will be notified of your award amount once your application has been reviewed and approved by the Liberal Arts Enrichment Committee. Unfortunately, we cannot inform you of your specific award amount until your application has been formally processed and approved. A variety of factors are considered when reviewing applications, including: the cost of the program, the student’s demonstrated financial need, the student’s cumulative GPA, as well as the quality of the enrichment application. Awards are also determined by the funds available at the time of receipt as well as the specific criteria of our funding sources. In general, enrichment awards can range from $100-$2,500.

    How can I confirm that my application was received by the Career Enrichment Network?

    Once you have completed your enrichment application in our on-line system and hit the "Submit Application" button, a confirmation email will be sent to your Penn State email account. The email will indicate that your application has been submitted and will display the status (complete or incomplete). Please also check your junk folder in the event the email was quarantined by your email system. If you did not receive this confirmation email, your application was likely not received. Additionally, if you log into the on-line application system, you should be able to see a list of your open applications which are organized by the activity type and semester. If you do not see this information on the home-page, your application was not received. If you are still not sure if your application has been received, contact the Career Enrichment Network at lanetwork@psu.edu or 814-865-1070 to check on your application status.

    Tip: Do not use the Chrome browser to submit your application. Students using Chrome have consistently reported issues submitting their applications. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.

    Tip: Once you log in to the on-line application system, your session will time out after 60 minutes. If you have had your session open while you have been preparing your application, your session will likely time out before you submit your materials and will not be received by our office. It is best to prepare your application materials first, then log in and submit the required documents in the on-line application system.

    When will I hear back about my application?

    In most cases, if you have submitted by the deadlines indicated above, you should hear from us within two to three weeks after your application has been received with a decision regarding your application. Enrichment applications must be reviewed and undergo a variety of processes and approvals before students can be notified of their awards. Consequently, it may occasionally take us a bit longer to get back to you about your application. Feel free to call or email our office if you would like to check on the status of your application.

    Please note, if you are applying for funding from the Chapel Executive Internship Program or the Tel Akko Enrichment Fund, applications will be reviewed after the semester deadline for which you are applying. Once all applications have been received by the semester deadline, applications will be reviewed and awarding decisions should be made within two to three weeks.

    If you apply for fall funding for the next academic year, please note that we will not begin to review applications until the new fiscal year begins in July.

    Your academic major department will also be given access to your enrichment application for review. If your department is able to make an additional contribution, you will hear from them separately.

    Can I apply for funding after the priority deadline has passed?

    Yes, students can submit enrichment applications after the semester priority deadline has passed – within reason. All applications must be received in the semester during which the enrichment activity is occurring. For instance, you cannot apply for funding for a fall study abroad program in the subsequent spring semester.

    Note: For the summer semesters, we have a FINAL application deadline June 1. Summer applications received after June 1 will NOT be considered for funding.

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis before the specific semester deadline. Applications will be considered after these deadlines on a funds-available basis, so it is to your advantage to submit your application before the priority deadlines if at all possible. Enrichment applications submitted to support research experiences will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

    Please do not submit an application for an experience that has not yet been confirmed (i.e., you applied to an internship but don’t know yet whether or not you will get it.)

    What information should I include in my thank you letter?

    Most College of the Liberal Arts enrichment awards are made possible by generous donations from liberal arts alumni and friends. Undergraduate recipients of these enrichment awards will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor(s) responsible for their award. Donors enjoy hearing about your career plans and extra-curricular activities, as well as about how the award will help you participate in your enrichment experience (i.e. internship, study abroad, or research program). Please make sure to read your award notification email from the College carefully so that you include the appropriate information and salutation. Letters should fit on one page, be single-spaced and include the student's contact information. Do not date your letter and make sure to include information about your enrichment experience.Liberal Arts majors can also refer to the Thank You Letter Guidelines for suggestions about what to include in your thank you letter and how to format it.

    What are my enrichment assignment options?

    We ask that all Liberal Arts majors who have received enrichment funding from the College complete a student profile. The profile will ask some basic questions about your enrichment experience and include a section to submit photos. Students should submit the profile after they have spent some time participating in the enrichment experience.


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