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June 12, 2017

In Attendance

  • Trisha Everhart, Jessica Fatica, Maryam Sinawa, Sherri Bumbarger, Amy Schmoeller, Sierra Page, Alesha Gavlock

Spikes Game

  • August 11--7:05 pm game time, Fireworks and FREE kids zone, $10 per ticket.
  • If you would like to purchase tickets, please see the United Way or Staff Advisory Committee person in your department/area to get tickets.

Office Olympics

  • Team Registration deadline is June 30.
  • Please email Trisha Everhart by June 30th with your team name and team captain. Someone will be around to gather the $50.00 registration fee.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with office Olympic games

Fundraiser Updates

  • Marianna hoagie fundraiser profit was $408. Nice job everyone!
  • Mixed Bag fundraiser- once a tentative date is sent we will supply you with more information
  • Lularoe Trunk Show will be in the fall time after office Olympics
  • Tait Farm Fundraiser will be done around Christmas, makes the perfect Christmas gift!

NEXT MEETING: Monday, July 10 at 9:30am in 502 Keller.

February 13, 2017

In Attendance

  • Kristin Harpster, Jessica Fatica, Trisha Everhart, Sierra Page, Sherri Bumbarger, Maryam Sinawa, Katy VanAmburg, Kristin Bushong

Updates on fundraisers for 2017:

  • Cooke Tavern Soup- currently selling these soups. Orders are due by March 10th. Checks should be made payable to Liberal Arts United Way. Delivery will be March 27th. Please see a United Way Representative in the following buildings if you would like to order any soup. Also, a display of the soups and order forms will be available at the College Staff Awards.
  • Marianna’s Hoagies will be sold around the end of April, More information to come in the next meeting
  • Looking at potential Paint Night May 13th or 19th at Letterman’s. Doors will open at at 5pm painting starts at 6pm.
  • Mixed Bag Sale June/July 
  • Lularoe Trunk Show looking to do after Office Olympics

    NEXT MEETING: Monday, Mar. 13 at 9:30am in 502 Keller.

    January 9, 2017

    In Attendance

    • Trisha Everhart, Maryam Sinawa, Sherri Bumbarger, Katy VanAmburg, Sierra Page

    Discussed upcoming fundraisers for 2017 Year:

    • Cookes Tavern Soups
    • Marianas Hoagies
    • Jeff’s Jams and Salsas
    • Texas Roadhouse
    • State College Spikes
    • Paint Night
    • Lularoe
    • Mixed Bag Designs

    NEXT MEETING: February, Feb. 13 at 9:30am in 502 Keller.


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